Fiskesenter Birkeland - Fishing in Norway

At fiskesenter Birkeland, you will stay in the middle of the overwhelming nature of the Norwegian fjord region. The fjords around the fiskesenter are deep and rich in fish species. From the fiskesenter you have many opportunities to fish. You can also do great hiking, and there are many opportunities for (car) day trips. Think of major tourist attractions such as the Geiranger Fjord, the Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road.

Right outside the door are excellent fishing opportunities, both for fishing from the pier, and for fishing by motorboat. You are in the middle of the fjords, surrounded by mountains and islands. If you are lucky, you will see sea eagles, dolphins or even an orca. In the middle, the fjord is up to 270 metres deep, which appeals to different skills and possibilities than the more shallow sides and side fjords. The variety and possibilities are great. In a 25-minute motorboat radius, you can visit 5 different fjords. You can also go to the open sea in calm weather. You can tailor your fishing spot to your sense of adventure and the weather. By using the smaller side fjords, you can fish quietly even in windier conditions. There is a fishfinder on the boats that can help you find the right spot.

Dennis and Annelies would like to welcome you here at Fiskesenter Birkeland to enjoy and fish in Norway!

Officially registered sportfishing company

Fiskesenter Birkeland is a licensed sport fishing company according to the Norwegian Fiskeridirektoratet. This means we can prepare a document for customs, allowing you to take the fish home. The maximum quantity is 18 kilos of fish fillets per person. We use an app that allows you to keep track of your catch.

Filleting and freezing

At the fiskesenter, there is a filleting area where you can clean and fillet the catch immediately after arriving at the port. There are tables for filleting, water and electricity. Each flat has its own freezer for freezing the fish. This is located in the boathouse by the harbour.

Fillet knives can be bought at reception. A knife sharpener is available in the flats.

Holidays for the whole family

Do some members of your family love to fish, but others are less fond of it? Then Fiskesenter Birkeland is a suitable place. You can book a fishing experience with a combination of site-seeing and fishing. A boat hire supplement with hiking in the mountains or a city- and museum visit at Ålesund, Kristiansund or Molde. Alternating a day of fishing with a car trip to Norway's major attractions, such as the Geiranger fjord, Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road. In the evening, you can fish from the pier or go exploring with the children in the bunkers from the Second World War. So you can combine the wishes of different family members and all enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Fishing holiday with friends

Fishing holiday with friends

Come fishing with your friends at Fiskesenter Birkeland. You can rent a flat for 5, 6 or 8 people. If your group is larger, you can also rent two or more flats. The flats FantaSea (max 8 people) and Mountain Mystery (max 5 people) are accessible internally. There is a connecting door that can be opened. The flats FantaSea and Aurora (max 6 people) are easily connected via the terrace.

The beds in the flats are single beds or bunk beds. The single beds can be separated or pushed together as required. Only flat Mountain Mystery has a double bed that cannot be separated.

Shop and rental

In the reception of fiskesenter Birkeland there is a small shop where you can buy fishing equipment. Among other things, you will find pilkers, rods, wire, reels and shads.

We rent out various items that can be useful while fishing:

Life jackets for adults and children, fishing rods, heat/drive suits, boots and a starter set of sea fishing with pilkers and other supplies.

Fish-experience with fishing guide

Do you like fishing but have little experience in fishing and/or speedboating? Then you can take advantage of our fish experience. You will go out on the water with a guide who will help you fish and show you the most beautiful spots in the area. The experience will be tailored to your wishes.

Cost for the fish experience is NOK 500 per person for a two-hour trip. If you want a longer trip it will cost an additional NOK 500 per hour, regardless of the number of people. The experience includes rental of the boat, rods and life jackets. The price does not include petrol. This will be charged afterwards according to consumption.

Midsummer night fishing

A special experience is fishing during midsummer night. During the period around 21 June, the sun sets only very briefly, and it doesn't actually get dark. This allows you to fish all night long. The only limitation is your need for sleep. Midsummer is a special experience. The light is different, it feels different. It's actually hard to explain, come and experience it for yourself.

Winter fishing

Winter is a good time to fish for cod. Between January and April, these fish migrate from the Barents Sea to the Norwegian coast to spawn. You can fish with the mighty, white mountains around you and the possibility of a huge catch. Although a grain of salt will be in order, one local fisherman told us that he caught as many as 2,000 kilos of fish in one day in February. The cold is compensated with the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. You can also spend a day skiing or cross-country skiing for a change.

northern lights

Fishing holiday for seniors and disabled people

Fiskesenter Birkeland is suitable for senior citizens and people with disabilities. The flats are equipped to accommodate people in wheelchairs. Shower, toilet and beds are adapted so that you can enjoy a nice holiday in our flats even if you have difficulty walking. Wheelchair-accessible boats are available for rent, so fishing and boating are also possible.

Besides fishing and boating, there is much to do in the area. There are many beautiful outings to be made by car. The BBQ place just down the road is also accessible by wheelchair.