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We are a Dutch couple with two adolescent sons. The first time we were in Scandinavia was over 20 years ago now. This still without children. We had never been further than the Ardennes or France, but Scandinavia had always had an attraction. We arrived by car at the ferry and were terribly impressed by that big boat. Would we go on that? It felt like a real adventure. We were going to an (almost) island, where you could only get there by water! At that time, the bridge had not yet been built. Once we arrived, we fell from one surprise into another. Just when we thought it couldn't get any prettier, the next surprise was around the corner. We ended up at Trollstigen by chance. The boss of the ferry, who took us there, was already preparing us; something beautiful awaits you.... 

Dennis and Annelies Vreeswijk in Norway
Dennis and Annelies Vreeswijk in Norway
Dennis and Annelies Vreeswijk in Norway

He was right. The waterfalls, the hairpin bends and the metre-high snow beside the road as we got higher. We had never seen anything like it. After that, we visited Scandinavia many more times; it never stopped to amaze us. When our family expanded, our boys joined us. They were as impressed as we were. Every time it felt like coming home, when the boat sailed through the fjords again. Now we have made the decision to live in this beautiful area. The power that emanates from it is immense. The mountains, fjords and forests have an enormous aura. At the harbour, the sea sloshes. In the clear water, you can see life everywhere. It works very grounding and is part of the dream. As a girl, Annelies caught many crabs and fish along the coasts of the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and spent a lot of time on the water. That too feels very familiar.

The own company in IT that Dennis Vreeswijk built up over the past few years has passed to his partner. Now we would like to introduce other people to this impressive place. We invite you to come and experience for yourself what it is like here. This place, where Hans and Diny built the flats, feels extra special. Hans describes it as 'a healing place'. That's how it feels to us too, and we welcome you to come and experience it. We have come home to it.

We also took part in the dutch TV programme "Het Roer Om", more information can be found at this page.

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