Enchanted Mountains

'You don't have to make it big,' says my sister-in-law. ' Just write for ten minutes, that should do it.' I notice that I want to write about everything that is happening, but I make it too difficult for myself so I never get around to it. So this is not an account of recent weeks, more of a snapshot. We now have a full house. Quite a cool feeling, but also a responsibility. So nice to be able to show everything to my brother. Standing at the harbour together, peering into the water in search of crabs, starfish and sea anemones, it feels like when we were little together. We spent hours on jetties along the coast looking for crabs.

With the family up the Seter, the plateau that practically belongs to our backyard. You walk there amidst the mountains in a virgin white landscape. Wading through the snow as the colours slowly fade into darkness. Above us the moon. Jaap asks what exactly it is here that I find so beautiful. I can't describe it practically, but the word that comes to mind is 'magical'. For me, mountains are pure magic that make it sing inside me. A few days ago, I had walked to the viewpoint above our house. I am not great at climbing at all because I am panting like a cart horse, where Den hops up and the boys seem to fly. And yet I love it. Tears ran down my cheeks and I wondered, a touch annoyed, what was going on again. Until I realised what was going on; a deep sense of gratitude that I am allowed to be here. Over the past few days, the weather has turned 360 degrees. It is snowing, hailing and windy. My newly planted herb garden is shivering with cold. And yet it remains great.

However, not without its challenges. Our German guests have just gone out against our advice to fish while the wind is blowing harder than is wise for the boat. Let's hope it works out well for both the boat and our guests!

Ps I am just opening a book I got from a friend, just brought by another friend. It also appears to contain a card and a present. A necklace with a wind rose and all the luck. She tells me that I helped her so much and she always said goodbye wiser after a visit. So sweet, thank you dear Febe!