Kristiansund is built on four different islands. In fact, the city centre is in the middle of the sea. Kristiansund is known for its clipper fish. This is dried and salted cod.

  • Sample local fish, seafood and shellfish at Smia Fiskerestaurant. This sits in a building from 1787 and is one of the city's most unique eateries.
  • At the Milnbrygga wharf sits the clipper fish museum.
  • Within walking distance of the centre you will find a virtually intact shipyard from the last days of the Norwegian sailing era
  • Coffee roaster and trading house Patrick Volmar has a coffee roastery more than a century old. You can drink delicious, freshly roasted coffee there.
  • Kristiansund is home to Norway's oldest opera house. Check out performance options.
  • June is the Nordic Light festival of Photography. Photographers exhibit their pictures all over the city.
  • Take a walk to Varden, the viewpoint above the city.
  • North of Kristiandsund lies the island of Smøla. Here you will find the largest population of sea eagles in the world.