Molde is a town of 26,00 inhabitants located on the Molde fjord. It is also called the city of roses. The city owes this nickname to its old houses, beautiful gardens and parks. It is a town that offers many panoramic views. It is 42 km away from the flats. The route is via a ferry. You can choose to park your car at the ferry for free. The centre of Molde is easily accessible on foot. The ferry costs about 35 Euro for a car and, besides, parking is difficult in Molde. As a pedestrian, it's free.

  • Wander through the centre and see the shops, the houses and the water. There is a bakery in the centre where you can have delicious coffee and a sandwich.
  • Climb the Varden viewpoint, 400 m above sea level. On a clear day, you will have views of Molde and all 222 mountain peaks in the vicinity. This hike is suitable for the less experienced hiker. You can also do it by car, or rent a mountain bike. From the Romsdal museum you will find signs to Varden.
  • Visit the Romsdal museum. This is one of the largest folk museums in Norway and is a 10-minute walk from the centre of Molde. Here you will find buildings and information that give you an insight into the culture of Norway. It is a park with where you will find buildings from all over the region. The park is always open for visits. Especially during the summer period, the buildings can also be visited. This is for a fee. The 'Krona' is also open then; a café and information centre. You can also view bunads here; traditional Norwegian costumes. For opening hours, see .
  • Molde Cathedral stands in the city centre and can be recognised by its 50-metre-high bell tower. It is the third church built on this site. The previous church was destroyed in World War II. The current church was built around 1950; inside, the halls are decorated with beautiful stained glass and murals.
  • Molde is famous for football, home of Molde FK, the Norwegian champions in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2019. You can buy a ticket to see a match at the stadium.
  • In July is the Molde jazz festival with 60,000 visitors and more than 100 concerts. Worth a visit if you are a lover of jazz.