Boxes of snow

A thick blanket of snow has descended, turning the area into a Christmas scene. Truly beautiful to see, but also a lot of work. Four times a day clearing snow from the paths where we walk a lot keeps you nice and warm. Den sprays the snow metres high into the air with our sturdy snowblower. The pleasant walkable path this creates has only disappeared the next day. Resulting in ankle-deep snow to bring the rabbits their meal. And a bowl of water that soon turns back into a bowl of ice.

Driving in the dark in a snowstorm is pretty exciting. We set out to buy a trailer to hold our new boat. We park the new trailer with great difficulty and slipping tyres because even our 4×4 can only barely stand up to the mountains of white. This under the eye of the camera because a film crew is just there. For a broadcast that will probably be on TV in spring.

The new boat was actually also supposed to be brought these days, but unfortunately it is still frozen in its former home port. It may be a while before it actually arrives. A 7-metre motorboat with lockable cabin and 100 hp. An asset to our fleet, for many hours of fishing, - and boating fun in 2024. Now still enjoying quiet evenings by the wood-burning stove, we are already looking forward to the new season.