The Rekdalshesten is a mountain pasture area. This mountain pasture grew increasingly dense for years, until our neighbour brought his goats to it. The goats eat the saplings, just like the sheep on the Dutch heath do. The Norwegian government encourages grazing animals in the mountains to preserve this landscape.

You can walk here yourself in about 45 minutes. You can also take your car to the car park, and walk the different routes from there. It is a toll road, only cars have to pay it. At reception, you can borrow a card that allows you to use this road for free.

From the flats, turn left towards Vestnes. After about a kilometre, take the exit Rekdalshesten. This is on your right, there is a sign Rekhalshesten and Stik utt. You walk/drive past the football pitch and along the toll road. At the top is a car park. This is fenced because of the goats, sheep and cows that walk in this area. It is advisable to park your car inside the fence, otherwise there may be damage from the goats. The story goes that the goats jump on the cars.

From the car park you can walk for many kilometres. If you follow the road straight ahead, you walk on fairly flat terrain between the mountain peaks. You will see several huts here where Norwegians like to stay on weekends. The terrain is bisected by a small river. If you follow it, you'll end up at a waterfall. Good shoes are needed as the terrain is often wet and uneven. You can also take tough hikes into the mountains from the car park. For instance, you can walk to the top of the Heste. A 3.5 km walk from the car park. Make no mistake, it's very steep. This is the summit you see in front of the flats. You can look out onto the flats from the top. You can also walk to several mountain lakes.