Groceries and restaurants

The flats are self-catering. Everything is provided to prepare a tasty meal. The flats all have an oven and a microwave. Groceries can be bought in several places. The nearest shop is the Joker in Fiskdal. This is 9 km from the flats. Larger shops can be found in Vestnes (28.5 km), Vatne (22 km), Digerness (34 km), Ålesund (56 km) or Molde (42 km, the journey takes more than an hour and uses a ferry). You can also take a rented boat to Midsund. There are a Spar and a COOP.

Alcoholic drinks and cigarettes are expensive in Norway. You can buy beer in supermarkets. Other alcoholic drinks are available in the Norwegian state shop, the Vinnmonopolet. You will find these, for example, in Vestnes, Molde or Ålesund. You can buy duty-free alcoholic drinks if you come to Norway by plane or ferry. If you make the whole trip by car then you can bring some yourself.


Of course, you can also eat out. You will have to drive a little further for this. There are several restaurants in Ålesund and Molde. Ålesund is Norway's fish capital. You can get delicious fresh fish and fish soup here, for example.

The nearest options are:

Vestnes (half an hour's drive):
- Take away Tai, this is a stall next to the harbour in Vestnes.
- Amore: a restaurant serving e.g. burgers, chips and pizza.
- King Pizza
- Braud. In the passage is Braud where you can have good coffee and sandwiches. The burger is also said to be good.

Vatne (20 minutes by car)
- Tai Take Away: a stall in the car park of the Bunnpris and Europris.

Digerness/Skodje (half an hour away)
- Taj Take Away: next to the Rema 1000 is a Tai Take Away restaurant
- Burger King
- Braud: here you can get tasty coffee and sandwiches, for example while shopping. There are several supermarkets and you can rummage around at the Europris and the Spar.

Sjøholt (40-minute drive)
- Fjellstove Orskgsfjellet: This is a restaurant run by two Dutch people. I have heard many positive stories about it, for example that the cheese schnitzel is very tasty.