The journey

The trip to the Fiskesenter is an experience in itself. You can opt for a quick and easy trip by plane. There is a direct 2-hour flight from Amsterdam to Alesund. You can also combine a visit to Fiskesenter Birkeland with a tour of Norway and/or a ferry cruise. Or of all things, by flying to Oslo and continuing the journey by car.


There is a direct flight from Amsterdam to Ålesund. The flight takes about two hours. You can book it directly through KLM's site at . The KLM service line can be reached on 020 4747747. It is advisable to book your flight early. This is much more advantageous. From Ålesund, it is 50 minutes by car to Fiskesenter Birkeland.

At Ålesund airport, you can rent a car. You can do so via this link . Renting a car is easy. Ålesund airport is small. You will see the rental after passing through the duty-free shop and customs. You walk directly left into the corridor after customs. On your right, you will see the Sixt and Hertz counters. You rent a car from €145 for a week. It is a 70 km drive from the airport to the flats. On the way, you will pass several shops. It is convenient to do some shopping right away.

Another option is to fly to Oslo/Gardemoen and make the journey from there by car. This is a route with beautiful views, mighty waterfalls and mountain rivers. You will see many mountains where the snow remains. You can take the route via the E6 to Dombås. From Dombås, take the E136 and Andelsnes. Here you take the route to Ålesund. You will drive via Vestnes. From Vestnes, take the 661 towards Tomre/Fiksdal/Rekdal. Stay on the 661 until you reach your destination. The journey from Oslo is about 7 hours without a break.

Car and Ferry

Of course, you can also make the whole trip by car. Then it is recommended to take one of the ferries, for example Kiel/Götenborg or Kiel/Oslo. This is a nice experience, but the boats are pricey. There are restaurants and entertainment on the ferries. The boat to Oslo has the most facilities (including a swimming pool) but is also the most expensive. For about the same price, book a cabin with jacuzzi on the boat to Gothenburg. Check out the options on the Stenaline and Colorline websites.