Many fish can be caught in the fjord. Here is a list of the most common fish caught at Fiskesenter Birkeland.


Coalfish are frequently caught in the fjords. Specimens of around metres are regularly caught. The best period for pollock is between May and June.


Cod is the most common species of fish in Norway and is frequently caught here. Fish of around 1 metre are regularly caught.


You can catch mackerel all year round in the Norwegian fjords. In August, they are plentiful. In the smoker at Fiskesenter Birkeland, you can smoke the mackerel before taking it home.

Lobsters and crabs

Autumn is the season to catch crabs and lobsters. During this period, they can be found in abundance in the fjords. With a trap and fish scraps, you can try your luck. A nice catch of brown crab, a lemon and some mayonnaise and you can enjoy a delicious meal!

Autumn is also a good season for lobsters. A meal you won't soon forget.

You can rent compliant traps from us.

Fishing holiday with friends

Other fish species

A wide variety of fish species can be found in the fjords. The total number varies, but some 150 species are mentioned. Many can be caught in the fjords and the ocean here at the fiskesenter. You can catch flounder, plaice and other flatfish, monkfish, catfish, ling, gurnard, pollack and hake.