Viewpoint over the fjord and Midsund. A short, but tough, hike to a beautiful viewpoint. It's a steep hike that requires you to be sturdy. You walk up in about half an hour. You end up on the plateau that you can see slightly to the right on the mountain from the flats.

From the flats, turn right and walk past the farmhouse. Soon you will see a path to the left. Here is a wooden information board about the bunkers, and a sign 'Nakken'. You take these. You walk past the bunkers and take the steep path up, following the sign 'Nakken'. When you are almost at the top, you will see a letterbox where you can write down that you have reached this point. A little further on is the plateau from where you have a great view over the fjord and the village of Midsund, which lies across the fjord.